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The legacy of Barry

My family had a dog. His name was Barry Night. We also called him Baritosh, Baritoshev, Baritoshko, Torongash, Paliok, Chernio, Mr. President, and others. A black standard poodle. About 12 kilograms. He lived exactly 3 years. He passed away on his birthday. Our beautiful pal is no longer here, but he left us with a legacy that I will share with all of you who have come across this page.

In the morning, when we woke up, Barry would come to us. He wagged his tail, jumped on the bed, brought a toy, and was extremely happy. He was happy that the day was starting and he would be with us. It didn't matter to him how the previous day went, how the night went - his joy was boundless every morning. If we wanted to get out of bed, we had to give him a good dose of cuddling, play, and joy.

If any of us disappeared from his sight, even for 5 minutes, when we returned, he would start a lively welcome. Joyful barking, jumping, wagging his tail, and inviting us to give him attention, love, and joy. In order to continue with our daily duties, we had to give him enough attention, love, and joy.

When we became too serious or busy with our obligations, he would come to us. He nudged us with his nose or paw to get our attention. And if he succeeded, he would bring one of his favorite toys with endless joy and start a playful game. If he didn't succeed, he didn't worry - he would lie down next to or on top of us and snuggle in anticipation.

There are countless similar stories with our pal. We could probably tell 1001, maybe even more. But what happened to us when Barry was around were the volcanoes of joy and love that erupted from our hearts - not just towards him - towards everything around us.

That's why I'm writing these few lines, to share with you that it wasn't Barry who placed joy and love in us. He only taught us how to discover and share it. And now, when he's gone, I share with you the legacy he left us:

Every creature on this world is born with a volcano of joy and love in its heart. It's not easy to activate them, and many of us need conductors like Barry, but they are there. Experience joy when you see loved ones - never miss it. Experience joy in the morning, as if they haven't been there for an eternity. Show them love for everything they do. Embrace them, kiss them, and rejoice in their presence. The volcanoes in our hearts are infinite. They will never run out.

Until soon, our little pal. We will meet in endless fields - and know that we will bring the green ball.

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